Acadia Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.

Passage Road (Woodside), 237 Hollis Street (Halifax office)
Woodside, Halifax, NS, Canada
Business Category: Processing of Fruit and Vegetables
Additional Information: Refinery in Woodside (Dartmouth), offices in Halifax
Brands: Sugar House
Products: refined cane sugar
Dates Founded: circa 1880
Remarks: Manager Angus Mckechnie. Sugar refining began in the Maritimes as a result of national policy. The first Maritime sugar was sold in 1880. There were three sugar refining plants built in the Maritimes: one in Moncton, New Brunswick, another in Woodside (Dartmouth), Nova Scotia, and a third in Richmond (Halifax), Nova Scotia. The Woodside and Richmond plants merged in 1893 to form the Acadia Sugar Refining Co., while the Moncton refinery burned down in 1896. In 1912, the Woodside refinery also burned down. It, however, was rebuilt and enlarged to a capacity of 2500 barrels per day. The Richmond refinery was a 10 storey brick building that had a capacity of 1800 barrels per day. It also had other facilities such as a cooperage, raw sugar shed, refined sugar shed, machine shop, and stables. 700 men were employed there. Both refineries had waterfront and ICR connections. The company also owned the mill and cooperage at Moncton (4 1/2 acres, produced staves and headings for the Halifax plants). Sugar was brought to the Maritimes by steamer from the West Indies. Only cane sugar was used, no beet sugar. 1n 1932, Walter Mosher was the manager of the Woodside refinery. He had been employed by Acadia Sugar since 1895.
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