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Annapolis Heritage Society


Accession number: 009.1.6
Category: container
Date: before 2001
Measurements: 53 cm L x 142 cm Diameter
Narrative: maybe used as a basket for gathering fish,plants or other items & most probably made by the local mic mac tribe in Bear River
Description: Woven basket either for fish or laundry.Base is rectangular 36cmx26cm but curved into the sides which create a bowed 142cm diam shape approx1/2{31}way up.Solid woodenhandles{2}carved to weave thrs the lattice are located mid point.Extra reinforcement and decoration{braided} holds handles in place .Handles total lenght 53cm,20cm of which is achial handle to hold - rest braided 28cm from base of handle to top of basket.Total hr 57cm .Ash strips to weave basket vary between approx 2cm -5cm.The basket is painted white on out side and left natural inside.Around the mouth of basket 83cm diam is a solid piece of wood bent to a slightly oval shape in linewith the bottom of the basket &in line with the handles.