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Antigonish Heritage Museum

Harp, Jaw

Accession number: 2005.062.001
Date: before 2005
Materials: Metal, steel;
Measurements: 9 cm L x 6.5 cm W x 2.5 cm H x 0.7 cm Thick
Marks/Label: Engraved:"ENGLAND" along one of the prongs.
Narrative: The Jew's harp (also known as the jaw harp) is a musical instrument consisting of a flexible metal or bamboo tongue or reed attached to a frame. The sound is generated by a stream of air stimulated to sound by a reed and by plucking the reed. There are many theories for the origin of the name Jew's harp, one being that it may derive from its popularity amongst Eurasian steppe-peoples like the Khazars, perhaps being introduced to Europe from that direction.
Description: Hand forged iron tenor jaw harp, decorative 2-3 pattern on neck.
Manufacturer: ENCASNO