Case, Manicure
Case, Manicure
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Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum

Case, Manicure

Accession number: 1985.OX.170 a-i
Category: Beauty Supplies
Date: circa 1915
Materials: Fabric
Marks/Label: On handles of B and G: FRENCH <-(K)- IVORY
Narrative: Used by Mrs. Bertha Elliott.
Description: A) Leather manicure case. Black leather with a snap closure, lined with satin ? and stapled-down ribbons designed to hold the various pieces of the set. B) Steel cuticle knife with taper-oval french ivory handle. C) Three oval emory boards with plastic front and back covers, fastened together at one end by a small metal bolt which allows them to fan outward. D) Steel nail file with flared end and teardrop0shaped protrusion for cleaning under nails. E) Oval nail buffer with chamois on one side and a plastic back. F) Ivory orange stick for cleaning nails and shaping cuticles. G) Steel buttonhook with a french ivory tapered oval handle (as with b) H) Nail file? Steel with dappled base and rounded rectangular protrusion connected by thinner length of steel. I) ? Ivory. Oval with a pointed end, depressions on each end.