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North Highlands Community Museum

Adze, Shipwright's

Accession number: 1979.135.3
Category: Woodworking T&E
Date: before 1979
Materials: Metal
Measurements: 27.9 cm L x 10.2 cm W x 7 cm H
Group: Made in Nova Scotia
Narrative: This ship's adz could have been used to carve ribs and smooth strakes in the shipbuilding industry. It was found on Glasgow farm by Willie Mac Donald. An adz is "a form of ax or hatchet, differing from those fundamental tools in that the plane of its blade is perpendicular to its handle. It is used primarily for shaping and trimming wood and has been a part of carpentry and woodworking since the Stone Age when it was simply a "handheld stone chipped to form a blade".