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MacPhee House Community Museum

Basket, Fruit Picking

Accession number: 1997.004.001
Date: 1920 – 1980
Materials: wood; metal
Measurements: 40 cm L x 16 cm W x 21 cm HHeight is over the handle. Basket height is 12.75 cm. Handle is 1.5 cm. wide, and 0.3 cm thick.
Marks/Label: Paper label F054 on underside of base.
Narrative: Baskets of this type were, and still are, used by fruit growers to market fruit such as plums, pears, and apples for customers requiring less than bushel quantities. Manufacturing plants were usually located close to sources of available wood; and fruit growing areas such as the Annapolis Valley. This all-wood construction has been replaced largely by folded corrugated card, with a plastic handle.
Description: The 6 quart basket is all wood, stapled and nailed together by steel staples and nails. A base board 34.0 cm long and 13.75 cm wide, 1.0 cm. thick is rounded at the corners on 4 different radii, giving a straight side of about 30 cm., and a straight end of about 13 cm. To this base are stapled wood pannels of various widths, all 0.2 cm thick, and 13 cm high. Binding strips 1.5 cm high and 0.1cm thick, 54.0 cm long were stapled on the inside top of these pannels, with an overlap of about 6 cm at the join, which is in the centre of the long side. The extra thickness of the overlap provides a support for fastening the handle. the handle is a strip of wood stapled to the base and the top of the side pannels at he centre of the long side. Outer binding strips were stapled to the top of the pannels. The joins overlapped away from the centre of the long side, and with widely different lengths of overlap, 2.5 and 8.0 respectively. At the handle, a nail has been used to fasten outer binding strip to the handle on both sides of the basket.This nail penetrates all thicknesses of the construction, but does not protrude beyong the inner binding strip.