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Admiral Digby Museum

Plane, Sash

Accession number: 2003.29.34
Category: Woodworking T&E
Date: 1841 – 1917
Materials: Wood; Metal
Narrative: Used between 1841-1917, Appraised Requested and completed. Mr. Keen used to be a cabinet makers and wheelright.

smooth edge on right hand side. There is a slot cut in the top which has a wooden handle and a 14.5cm metal blade inserted in it.  The metal blade is sharp on the bottom for cutting/shaving wood. 

There is a 3cm groove cut in the left hand side, the metal blade goes through this groove and sticks out onto the bottom of the plane where there are four grooves cut. 

History of Use:

Used by cabinet maker, Edward Keen (1841-1917) and his son George (1879-1947).  Edward and his wife Jane (1847-1930) resided on Charleton Street, Digby, Nova Scotia.  His workshop was located on the property.

Donor, Chester Keen, was the grandson of Edward and the son of George Keen. 

Manufacturer: George Keen