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Admiral Digby Museum

Awl, Marking

Accession number: 2003.29.40
Category: Woodworking T&E
Object type: Scriber
Date: 1841 – 1917
Materials: Wood; Brass
Measurements: 19.5 cm L x 5 cm WWidth measured across the centre block
Narrative: Used between 1841-1917, Appraised Requested and completed. Mr. Keen used to be a cabinet makers and wheelright.
Description: A small block of wood, with a decorative brass insert, and a hole through the centre; there is also a brass screw in on end of the block.  There is a narrow piece of wood inserted through the centre.  The narrow wood has a length of brass inserted in the bottom.  This piece of brass has a screw on one end used for adjusting the scriber width.  There are two brass tips on the opposite end (bottom) for scribing.
History of Use: Used by cabinet maker, Edward Keen (1841-1917) and his son George (1879-1947).  Edward and his wife Jane (1847-1930) resided on Charleton Street, Digby, Nova Scotia.  His workshop was located on the property.
Donor, Chester Keen, was the grandson of Edward and the son of George Keen.  
Manufacturer: George Keen