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Acadian House Museum

Handle, Drawer

Accession number: 2007.007.005 A-E
Category: Finish Hardware
Date: before 2007
Materials: Metal
Measurements: 8.5 cm L x 2 cm W x 3.5 cm H x 0.1 cm Thick x 1.5 cm Depth
Description: Five drawer handles. A and B are a matching pair and C and D are a matching pair. E is unique. A-B- White Drawer handles are made of steel with designs impressed in it. The handles have a flat surface that is mounted to a drawer and then the metal curves out in the middle along the bottom where your fingers fit underneath to pull the drawer out. C-E- steel handles which are the same size as the white ones and work in the same manner. F-Copper handle of same style as C-E with three screw holes evenly spaced across the top.