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Acadian House Museum


Accession number: 2001.002.056
Object type: Shaving
Date: before July 24 2006
Materials: wood
Measurements: 20 cm L x 15.5 cm W x 46 cm H
Narrative: This shaving cabinet was handmade by Jean Baptiste LaPierre in Nova Scotia. Prior to the Bronze Age, stone, clam shells and other sharp objects were used as razors. Later razors were made of bronze, copper or iron. More recently straight razors made of steel were used. These razors needed to be continuously sharpened using a leather strop or a honing stone. The sharp blades required skills to wield so avoid cuts. In the nineteenth century, safety razors were developed. These razors have a guarded blade to prevent severe cuts. The blades were either restroppable or disposable. The first electric razor was patented in 1928. These razors use rotating blades to shave without the use of water, soap or shaving creams.
Description: This hand made rectangular wooden box has two drawers. Each drawer has two round knobs and painted border with a flower between the knobs. The cabinet is painted ox-blood red. Mounted above against the wall is a rectangular mirror with wood frame. Above the mirror is another small ledge.