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Cape Breton Centre for Heritage & Science


Accession number: 2019.118.5
Materials: Glass, wood
Measurements: 12 cm H x .9 cm Thick x 9 cm Diameter
Description: Clear cylindrical insulator with a wooden post through the centre. The cylinder is shapoed to form a cap and a lower flared portion.
Embossed inscription:
"Made in USA Hemingrat 42"
History of Use:
nsulators are those glass or porcelain things you see on the tops and crossarms of telephone poles. Their purpose is to insulate the electrical wires they carry, so that electricity (or telephone calls) don't all leak into the pole and into the earth. Without insulators, it would be fairly impossible to transmit electricity to homes and businesses, and telephone calls wouldn't go more than a few hundred feet before you couldn't hear the other person anymore.