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Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum

Air Freshener

Accession number: 2018.47.7
Object type: Smell Baby
Materials: porcelain possibly, plastic, mysterious herb substance inside
Measurements: 10.5 cm L x 7.7 cm W
Description: An air freshener, supposedly called a "Smell Baby." It is in the shape of a tiger, and is purple in colour, with black stripes, etes, a nose, white cheeks and paws. It has one hole in the left paw, 12 in the back of the head, and 4 in the back. The holes are most likely for the rock-like fragrance of beads/rocks that are to release scents into the air (acting as an air freshener). There is a plastic covering at the bottom of the baby that allows access to the beads/rocks that are inside. On the plastic covering at the bottom it says "A SWEET EARTH ORIGINAL TAIWAN."