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Colchester Historeum

Record, Vinyl

Accession number: 2018.12.2
Date: April 12 1950
Materials: Vinyl; Paper
Measurements: 30 cm DiameterA
Measurements: 30 cm Diameter x 30.5 cm L x 30.5 cm W x 30 cm DiameterB
Marks/Label: Recorded at/CKCL/Truro, N.S./1400 K.C./250 WATTS/Set 1/Side 4/Start/AT/R.P.M./Recorded by/Date/Side 3/Audiodiscs/Audio Devices, Inc./444 Madison Avenue/New York 22, N.Y.
Narrative: Bought by the previous owner at a yard sale in Brookfield, N.S.
Description: A vinyl record of an interview (A). Black vinyl with white centre and black text. Also includes an orange and red dust jacket (B)
History of Use: Record is a recording of an interview of Mr. Boyd Cox by Alec Thompson, recorded at CKCL studios in Truro, N.S.