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Islands Museum


Accession number: 2016.53.1abc
Object type: Hot Water
Date: January 1 1600 – July 14 2015
Materials: metal, fabric
Measurements: 3 cm Thick x 21 cm Diameter x 24.4 cm DepthDepth is from top of the cylinder opening to the bottom of the bottle
Marks/Label: Guranteed 5 years, Sanitary hot water bottle, Cello A.S. Campbell Co. Boston, Trade Mark  Pat.Nov 26 1912.
Patent: Nov. 26,1912
Description: Metal circular object with a protruding cylinder. Cylinder has a screw in cork opening. Majority of the bag is covered with fabric.

Manufacturer: A.S. Campbell Company, 1912
History of Use: Filled with hot water then tucked under the blackets of beds to warm them.