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Yarmouth County Museum

Aid, Hearing

Accession number: Y-2007.82.4
Materials: Plastic,metal,wire,cardboard,paper
Measurements: 6.5 cm L x 4.5 cm W
Brand: Zenith
Marks/Label: On Battery Box & Batteries (Cp312.2) BOX: "Genuine" "Zenith" "long life" "hearing aid batteries" on front & back "long life" "hearing aid batteries" "6 type-n-cell" on bottom flap "Zenith" on both sides and "Zenith Radio Corporation, Chicago 39, ILL., Made in U.S.A." on left side "MFZ-63" on top left side flap BATTERIES: "Zenith R" "long life battery" "1 1/2 volts" "Zenith Radio Corp. Chicago 39, ILL.,Made in U.S.A." -(arrow) +" "N-CELL"
Patent: Model name/nos: 6 type-N-cell (hearing aid batteries)
Description: Cp312 Black plastic hearing aid box. Brown dial on top as well as 2 gold screws and attachment for earpiece. 3 gold screws on bottom. Metal clip on back as well as triangular opening with mesh cover. Cp312.1 Earpiece-45 cm long wire;twisted green and silver wire with yellow plastic covering. 2-pronged metal attachment piece at opposite end of earpiece. Earpiece itself has tan back (plastic) which fits into a silver metal ring. Ring attaches to clear plastic earpiece,molded to fit the ear. Cp312.2 Zenith battery box 3 cm high,2 cm wide. Front is gold with black strip at top with "GENUINE" and white strip at bottom. Under black strip it says "Zenith,long life,hearing aid batteries" in black and white. Back is the same but upside down. Top is missing main flap but still has 2 side flaps (green,white & gold).Bottom has all 3 flaps. Main flap is black w/white writing. Sides are gold. Inside box:3 batteries,gold and black wrapping. Gray on "-" end and gold probe surrounded by red on "t" end. Small cylinders each 3 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter.