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Badge, Military

Accession number: 75.M.36
Category: Status Symbols
Date: after 1717
Materials: Metal, Brass
Measurements: 1 cm H x 5 cm Diameter
Marks/Label: on a ring around the outside is "Honi soit qui mal y pense" On the bottom on a banner is: "UBIQUE"
Description: A large brass metal roundish pin. with the British coat of arms. A circle divided into four sectors sits in the very middle, in the top left sector there are three lions, the top right sector is a rearing horse. The bottom left sector is a harp, and the bottom right sector contains three more lions. Around the outside, a second circle contains the words "HONI SOIT QUE MAL Y PENSE". On the outside of that is a wreath, ending near the top of the badge, from where a Queen Victoria Crown emerges. On the bottom of this wreath there is a banner with the word "UBIQUE". On the back, four tiny eyes stick off perpendicularily from the badge.
History of Use: A very general badge, the motto Ubique would identify a wearer of this badge as belonging to either the Royal Artillery or the Royal Engineers.