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Kings County Museum

Buckle, Belt

Accession number: P987.65.10
Date: 1672 – 1756
Materials: Iron - reacts strongly to a magnet which suggests high iron content, Copper - some green corrosion products are visible which suggests some copper content
Measurements: 5 cm L x 4.3 cm HLength and height measured at longest and highest point.
Narrative: One of 14 archaeological objects collected by Harcourt L. Cameron, a geology professor at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Harcourt was born in 1912 and died on October 3, 1965. These objects were a gift to Kings County Museum in June 1987 from an unknown donor. Acadia University has Harcourt's publications and some correspondance related to his geology work. He published articles on geology, archaeology, photogrammetry, and Nova Scotia historic sites. Sable Island, sometimes called the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" and Grand Pre were two of his areas of interest. There are 5 objects of each of Sable Island and Beaubassin, 2 from Fort Lawrence, and 1 from each of Barrachois Narrows and the Habitation (Port Royal).
Description: Small metal object in two pieces joined by a hinge.  The larger part has two straight, pointed prongs on the longest side which could have been used to attach to fabric such as a belt.  The shorter side is broken near the hinge at one end.  The smaller part also has two prongs in a fork shape with longer prongs likely also for attaching to fabric but hinged in this case.  Both prongs appear to be broken with one considerably shorter than the other.  There is a black patch near the hinge and some light green corrosion products in several places.

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