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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society


Accession number: 75.A.4
Date: 1870 – 1885
Materials: Wood
Measurements: 57 cm L x 44 cm W x 92 cm H x 39 cm Diameterlength is with tray down, width is at widest part. When down as stroller length is 115 cm, ht-80 cm, w- 44 cm. Diameter is for big wheels, diameter. of small wheel is 16 cm
Marks/Label: On shelf where baby's foot would rest there is a faded mark - RD. JO 1873 ?
Narrative: In late 1880s furniture was designed for more than one use. The style resembles the 'Eastlake' style that was popular between 1870 and 1890 and introduced by Charles Lock Eastlake. The style is much more simple and moves away from the high relief carving, classical elements, and curvature of other styles that were popular during this same time period.
Description: Highchair-stroller is wood with a leather seat, wicker back in dark and light stripes, varnished, decorative work on the top of the back and the arms, and four metal wheels with spokes - two small ones on front legs and two larger ones on the back legs. When converted to a stroller the two back wheels drop down to the floor, and the handle of the stroller folds up behind the back of the chair and is pulled down to convert the chair to a stroller. A tray at the front can be flipped back over chair by releasing a lever on its left side. Foot rest is attached to the seat with metal brackets. There are turned stretchers between the two front legs, one between the back legs and two on the handle and decorative moulding along the front legs. The top of the back is carved.