Plate, Commemorative
Plate, Commemorative
Plate, Commemorative
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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society

Plate, Commemorative

Accession number: 01.25.2
Category: Memorabilia
Date: 1988
Materials: China
Measurements: 26 cm Diameter
Marks/Label: Front: ACADIA UNIVERSITY SESQUICENTENNIAL 1838-1988 around edge Top front- 150 in red on top of Acadia crest. ACADIA UNIVERSITY SESQUICENTENNIAL 1838-1988 surrounding the crest Back: “CLEARING THE WAY/
1988 is the 150th anniversary of the founding of/ Acadia University. The illustration, “Clearing the/ Way”, recalls the pioneering efforts to build the/ university when the original College Hall was/ raised from trees felled along the Horton Hills. /Acadia’s symbol of the woodsman’s axe, a tribute/ to these pioneering efforts, is incorporated in the/ University’s official coat of arms. / Illustration by Kevin Sollows. / University China An EPCO group Co."
Group: Souvenir
Narrative: Acadia University celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1988. For the sesquicentennial, this commemorative plate was created. The illustration was created by Kevin Sollows. 
Description: Sesquicentennial celebratory plate for Acadia University 1838-1988. The inner circle of the plate shows a blue illustration of a tree stump with an axe in it. Two men working are visible in the background behind a tree. The illustration is outlined in red, and there is an inscription on the rim of the plate. The entire plate is encircled with a blue and gold striped border. 
History of Use: This is a commemorative plate, commissioned in 1988 to celebrate the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of the founding of Acadia University.A commemorative plate is a type of dishware used to honour a person, place, or significant event. The commemorative plate trend took off during the 19th century when Dutch-English nobleman Patrick Palmer-Thomas’ blue-and-white porcelain plates depicting important places and events became popular. The inscription on the back of the plate refers to Acadia University’s Coat of Arms. The wolves heads are a reference to the local town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The open books represent a passion for learning. The crossed axes and the Latin motto, In pulvere vinces, “In dust you will conquer” honours the pioneering efforts of the university’s founders, as represented in the plate’s illustration “Clearing the Way.” Acadia University was founded in 1838, by a group of Baptist Leaders who were unable to obtain education at other universities due to their denomination. 
Manufacturer: University China