Thomas Kelly

23 Upper Water Street (1863), 247 Hollis Street (1870-71)
Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada
Business Category: Manufacture of Metal Goods
Products: Wholesale and retail stoves, rangers, grates, furnances, as well as tin plate, sheet iron, copper, and zinc work.
Remarks: Wm. Kelly also listed. May also be known as, or associate with, Phalen & Kelly Plumbers of Victoria Stove Store, Kelly & Paul, and C. Phalen & Co.
Remarks Source: McAlpine's Halifax Directory 1871-72 (Ad page 177) Nugent 1858 Hutchinson 1866-67 McAlpine's Maritime Directory 1870-71 (Ad page 286) McAlpine's Halifax Directory 1871-72, 1880-81.