Eugene "Bud" Hamm

Remarks: Eugene “Bud” Hamm was born in 1919 in Lequille, Nova Scotia.

He graduated from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in 1943 and then worked in the United States until 1965 when he returned to Nova Scotia, living in Clarence.

His interest in wood carving flourished when he returned with his work drawing on his own experiences and by his interest in the art of other ages and cultures.  His house was decorated throughout with plaster relief work depicting scenes both from everyday life and from his imagination.

In 1988, 30 works of Hamm’s poetry was selected from his work for publication.

Hamm passed away in 2009. 
Remarks Source: 1. Wendy Elliot. "Spreading Eugene Hamm's words." The Register/Advertiser, October 13, 2001.