Yarmouth Fruit Co.

Yarmouth, Yarmouth, NS, Canada
Business Category: Baking and Confectionary, Soft Drinks and Beverages
Products: confections, biscuits, soda water
Liquid Dates: circa 1967
Remarks: Began operations in early 1900s with soda water being manufactured, two of the products being Sarsaparilla and Whistle.

The firm absorbed J.W. Grant's operation circa 1916. 

Stan O'Brien, the owner, was one of the first bottlers in Nova Scotia to take on the 7-Up and Coca Cola franchises.  Following WWII, Coca Cola assisted in building a new plant just outside the town border.

The company continued until circa 1967 when it amalogamated with two other firms to become Tri-County Wholesalers. 
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