Acadia Powder Co. Ltd.

129 Hollis Street (1890), 78-80 Granville Street (1907), 230-240 Kempt Road
head office - Halifax, also at Waverly
Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada
Business Category: Chemicals
Products: blasting, mining and sporting powder as well as white, red and black dynamite, belting and sporting powders, pellets and grained powder for coal mining, flameless explosives for mining, submarine fuses, linseed oil, household, industrial and marine paint
Remarks: Acadia Powder Co. Ltd were manufacturers of blasting, mining and sporting powder as well as white, red, and black dynamite. They were also dealers in electric blasting apparatus, safety fuses and detonators. According to billheads held by the Nova Scotia Museum, Acadia Powder Co. Ltd., had an authorised capital of $300,000. They were incorporated in 1867, 1880, and in 1883 and they had $200,000 in captial stock. In 1899/1900, T. R. Gus was the president of the company and C. J. Wylde was the secretary. 1862 -- Acadia Powder Mill Co. established at Waverly to manufacture black powder. 1863 -- First act of incorporation. 1869 -- Incorporated as Acadia Powder Co. 1880 -- Third act of incorporation. 1881 -- Began to make dynamite for mining operations. 1883 -- Purchased Daniel Smith Co. of Brownburg, Quebec, also manufacturers of black powder. Interest purchased by Hamilton Powder Co. 1909 -- Acadia bought by Hamilton. 1910 -- Hamilton joined amalgamation of explosives firms forming Canadian Explosives Ltd. 1913 -- Waverly operations transferred to Beloeil, Quebec. 1929 -- Name changed to Canadian Industries Ltd. Acadia, around 1904, used 300,000 ft. lumber per year. The pine was used for kegs, spruce for cases. In 1904, the Acadia-owned keg mill was 15 years old. Acadia was one of the first two powder mills in Canada . Both the Acadia Powder Co. and the other mill started in 1862. John Mott of J.P. Mott & Co. had a controlling interest at the outset.
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