Acadie Products

Port Morien, Cape Breton, NS, Canada
Business Category: Processing of Fish and By Products
Products: lobster, canned lobster
Dates Founded: circa 1900
Remarks: Owned by David Thomas Leslie, originally of South Head, moved the cannery to Port Morien. Eventually sold Acadie Products to Herbert Hopkins of Shelburne (see: H. Hopkins, Ltd.) As of 1902, there were roughly 80 lobster canning facilities in Cape Breton, employing 2-2500 in the factories and roughly 1500 fisherman. They used (estimated) 150,000 traps, 69,000 laths, 6,000,000 lbs of nails, 18,000 lbs of twine and 1,800,000 ft of rope. (H.E. Baker, Gabarous, NS)
Remarks Source: 1. Beaton Institute Reports. "Lobster Canneries of Port Morien and South Head." Elenor Thomas. 1977.