Rufus E. Dickie

Stewiacke, Colchester, NS, Canada
Business Category: Sawmilling
Products: lumber, boxes, pallets, warehouse carts
Remarks: 1909 -- Rufus E. Dickie, after working in the family lumber business, went out on his own. He operated at Mooseland, Stewiacke and Tangier. He owned three schooners, which would take his lumber to market. He also owned a fish processing plant at Tangier. Gradually all of his holdings centred on the Stewiacke Valley. 1922 -- Canadian Mill Co. incorporated with Rufus Dickie as president. It consisted of one stationary mill at Stewiacke, on the river, and portable mills scattered all over the district. After incorporation, he built a sawing and dressing mill on the original mill site and later added a box mill. 1939 -- The planing mill and box factory burned down. The mill was rebuilt but not the box factory. 1957 -- Rufus retired. His son, Donald, took over. 1961 -- Lumbering operations ceased. 1962 -- The J. Lewis peg factory and property were purchased. Canadian Mill Co. commenced woodworking of various kinds -- pallets, warehouse carts, etc.
Remarks Source: 1. The Town of Stewiacke. Ed. Edwin Crowe. 1967.