Creelman Newton Mills

Newton Mills, Colchester, NS, Canada
Business Category: Textile Milling
Products: yarn, wool batts for quilts, white woolen blankets, cloth for garments, homespun and flannel
Liquid Dates: 1948
Remarks: It was originally a grist mill started by Samuel Creelman in 1786.

1852 -- Mill erected by three brothers: Robert, Samuel and James Creelman. They produced yarn, wool batts for quilts, white woolen blankets and cloth for garments. Homespun and flannel added later. They had a solid local market.  The mill employed eight men and women.

1939-1945 -- The mill had trouble getting wool to refine as it was all being sent to larger centres during WWII.

1948 -- John Creelman closed the mill.

1968 -- The mill burned to the ground. 
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