Acadia Broom Manufacturing Co.

Middle West Pubnico, Yarmouth, NS, Canada
Business Category: General Woodworking, Household Items
Products: corn brooms
Dates Founded: circa 1920
Remarks: Started by Lucien D'Entremont and Joe D'Eon from Boston, who imported materials from the southern United States to make the brooms. The factory produced corn brooms for two years and employed 8 people, including Joe & Charlie D'Eon, Lucien D'Entremont, John LeBlanc, Sylvester Amerault, George Jackson. The building was formerly a cooperage and is now vacant, though still owned by B. D'Entremont.
Remarks Source: 1. Interview with Bernard D'Entremont of Middle West Pubnico. November 1988.
2. D'Entremont, Rev. Clarence. A Brief History of Middle West Pubnico. Pubnico, NS.
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