Morrison Mill

Argyle & George Street
Sydney, Cape Breton, NS, Canada
Business Category: Grain Milling
Products: flour, processed grains
Dates Founded: before 1946
Remarks: Originally owned by the Dobson Brothers, the mill was moved from upper Freshwater (Wentworth) Creek to the corner of Argyle and George Street. With the move, it also changed from water power to electricity. After a brief ownership by the firm McLennan & Farquharson, the mill changed hands again to Murdock Morrison (date not known). Morrison eventually sold the mill to the Mayor of Sydney, Jack MacLean, who moved the mill to Gabarous.
Remarks Source: 1. Uniacke's Sketches of Cape Breton. 1862. Beaton Institute Archives. Ref# FC2343.5-M47. 2. Morrison's Mill, Sydney. Beaton Institute Archives. Ref#MG-14-65.