Greeno, Dexter & Co. Shipyard

Cheverie, Hants, NS, Canada
Business Category: Shipbuilding and Parts
Products: Ships
Dates Founded: circa 1868
Remarks: Formed by J.H. Marsters, Capt. Greeno, Capt. R.H. Dexter. Roderick Rose was masterbuilder (designer). 1868: R. Rose, schooner 1871: Arabell, brig 1874: J.L. Crossley, schooner, 170t 1875:Martha J. Brady, brigantine, 287t 1876: Alida A. Smith, brig (built for David Smith & Sons Co) 1878: J.H. Marsters, barque, 632t 1881: Christina Moore, topsail schooner 1882: D.W. Dexter, schooner In 1883, Grenno, Dexter & Co united with David Smith & Sons. After this, they built: 1884: L.M. Smith, barquentine, 379t 1886: Lilian, barquentine, 395t c.1889:Gamma, schooner c.1889: in process of building 500t barquentine
Remarks Source: 1. Photocopy of undated clipping in "R. Dimock Scrapbook" - Shipping File, West Hants Museum 2. The Hants Journal. 11 August, 1982.