William Wood

South Rawdon;River Philip, Hants;Cumberland, NS;NS, ;, Canada;Canada
Business Category: Blacksmithing, Grain Milling
Brands: ;
Products: General blacksmith work and repairs.
Dates Founded: before 1871
Dates Incorporated: 1870s
Remarks: 1871: There were 4 blacksmiths in South Rawdon, including William Wood, George Hobson, and Donald McKenzie. William Wood operated a Forge with a Fixed Capital of $440 and a Floating Capital of $100. Operated 12 months in the previous year; employed 1 man (annual payroll $300). Produced: general work and repairs $200. Costs: Iron, Steel (2000 lbs) $50.
Remarks Source: 1. 1871 Census - South Rawdon.