Halifax and Hants Telephone Co.

Windsor, Hants, NS, Canada
Business Category: Advertising and Communication
Additional Information: Offices in Wentworth Block, Windsor (1902).
Products: Telephone Services
Dates Founded: circa 1885
Remarks: 1885?: Mr. Smith (manager of business in Halifax). Clarence Dimock, Windsor (President). [See explanation of date in Source field, entry #1]. 1890: Windsor Exchange: E. Churchill & Sons, Hantsport #31b Commercial Bank, 5 Stannus Street #9 Hants-Journal office, 75 Water Street #24 Windsor Cotton Mill #23b Windsor Foundry Office, 2 O'Brien Street #28a Windsor Furniture Co. office, 11 Albert Street #30c 1902: M.S. Smith (manager) Offices in Wentworth Block, Windsor.
Remarks Source: 1. "75 Years Ago." Column in Halifax Chronicle-Herald? [Presumed to be the Chronicle-Herald because clipping reads "Chronicle reported…was permitted…". Presumed to have been originally written in 1885 because G.V. Shand has written "1885" in the margin. 2. Smith's Directory & Gazetteer, Windsor. 1890-91. Published by John P. Smith, Windsor. 3. The Maritime Business Directory, 1902.