Oxford Flour Mill

Oxford, Cumberland, NS, Canada
Business Category: Grain Milling
Products: flour, feed and seed
Dates Founded: 1913
Remarks: The Oxford Flour Mill was built in 1913 by C.O. Black. It was operated by James Downing and Mr. McLellan. It was first run by a gas engine and then by electric power supplied by the Oxford Electric Light plant located on River Philip. A diesel motor was later installed to improve production and in 1953 a gas engine was again used. The flour mill was a well equipped plant and produced flour from locally grown wheat and also had a railway siding to bring in grain from the west. They also cleaned and smashed local grain for feed and seed. The mill operated day and night during the First World War. For many years Mr. Stewart Smith was the miller and he later purchased the plant. Following the Second World War the plant was purchased and operated by Stanley Boron and in 1946 was sold to Oxford Co-op, Ltd. In 1982 the mill was torn down as business couldn't support its upkeep. Rushton's bought the property from Oxford Co-op Ltd. And in 1986, Mattinson's Machinery - owner Ronald I. Mattinson bought the property from the Rushton's boys. Mr. Mattison uses it to stockpile his gravel, sand & top soil for his business.
Remarks Source: 1. Industries of Oxford 1790-1960, by Doug Patriquin, 1983. 2. The Oxford Journal, Oxford, Nova Scotia. August 11,1982.