Nova Scotia Steel & Coal Co., Ltd.

New Glasgow, Pictou, NS, Canada
Business Category: Iron Mining, Coal Mining
Additional Information: also operated in Sydney Mines and North Sydney
Products: coal, pig iron, steel and steel products, limestone, bolts, steel and iron axels, benzol, mining machinery, steamship and marine machinery, rivets, smoke stacks, steel stampings, washers and steel forge shafts
Dates Founded: 1901
Remarks: In 1900, Nova Scotia Steel & Coal acquired Sydney Mines coal facilities from General Mining Association, which had operated those facilities from 1830. In 1901, Nova Scotia Steel & Coal reorganized and and built, at Sydney Mines, a steel plant with blast furnace, open hearth, coke ovens, coal washers, and engineering shops. Operations at Ferrona and Trenton were moved to Sydney Mines, which allowed production of raw materials and steel at the Mines to exceed 100,000 tons annually. Operated 3 piers in North Sydney - 2 coal and 1 iorn ore (from Bell Island, Nfld). The mines that NSS&C operated in the North Sydney area: Princess #1 - already in operation in 1900, employed 600 underground Lloyd's #2 - 600 ton daily capacity Florence #3 - 900 ton daily capacity, employed 550 Scotia #4 - 900 ton daily capacity Queen #5 Jubilee #6 - production begins 1916 Coal wash plant - 1000 tons washed in 10 hours. Plant completed in August of 1914. Coke ovens - 30 Bauer ovens at the Princess colliery Coal piers - 1,000' long, 8 miles of railway, connection to Intercolonial Railway Open hearth furnaces - 4 50-ton basic furnaces. In 1912, held common stock of Eastern Car Co., Ltd and in 1920 acquired control of Acadia Coal Co. through purchase of preferred stock. The common shares of Nova Scotia Steel & Coal Co., Ltd were acquired by British Steel Corporation, Ltd. In 1938, the company was released from receivership and reorganized.
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