Colonial Copper Company

Cape D'Or, Cumberland, NS, Canada
Business Category: Copper Mining
Products: copper
Dates Founded: circa 1890
Remarks: The copper mines at Cape D'Or were opened in the 1800's. From 1897 to 1905 the Colonial Copper Company operated here with a concentrating plant at Horseshoe Cove, a railway connection and shipping facilities. They owned 2,300 acres of land and sunk three shafts in search of copper ore. Miners housing was built and their families lived at Cap D'Or. The company president was J.A.Hanway, Jas, A. Young was vice-president, A. Munger was treasurer and H.D. Hanway was secretary. The mine was abandoned in 1905.
Remarks Source: 1. The Springhill and Parrsboro Record, Springhill, Nova Scotia Oct.8,1980
2. Colonial Copper Company Prospectus publication. New York, 1903.