Maritime Industries, Ltd.

Nappan, Cumberland, NS, Canada
Business Category: Salt Mining
Additional Information: Amherst
Products: salt
Dates Founded: 1947
Remarks: The Standard Chemical Company, Limited, completed in 1947 construction of the first refined salt plant in the district. This plant, known as Maritime Industries, Limited, besides supplying the domestic market, shipped its products to many parts of the world. It developed a new type of coarse salt which met with wide approval by the fishing and farming industries. This industry used local coal in substantial quantities. The plant was accuired by Domtar Chemicals, Ltd in 1950.
Remarks Source: 1. Amherst Diamond Jubilee Publication, 1949. 2. Amherst Daily News, Amherst, Nova Scotia. April 19, 1977. 3. Nova Scotia Trade Directory. 1947.