Seaman Grindstone Quarry

Minudie, Cumberland, NS, Canada
Business Category: Stone Mining
Products: grindstone
Dates Founded: 1815
Remarks: The grindstone industry of Canada had its beginnings at the head of the Bay of Fundy near Minudie. About 1815, Joseph Read and John Seaman, who came from Sackville, New Brunswick, about 1808, leased land from DesBarres agent, acquired control of these ledges and began regular shipments of grindstones to the United States in small vessels. Between 1830 and 1854 about 40 men were employed at the quarries and some 1800 tons were annually exported to the U.S. at $16 a ton. The quarry at Lower Cove had a 40 foot high smoke stack for a steam plant which powered the hoisting crane. In 1844 they sold $44,000 worth of grindstone, some of which went to England. In 1870 they employed 60 men at Minudie and 100 at Lower Cove. By 1900 the industry had closed down.
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