Weekly Monitor

Bridgetown, Annapolis, NS, Canada
Business Category: Publishing
Products: Newspaper
Dates Founded: circa 1873
Remarks: First issue was in April 1873. Henry S. Piper, an apprentice at the Weekly Register, was offered a junior partnership. Editing was conducted by a Mr. Sancton. One hand press with paper being 24" x 30". 1880: The partnership dissolved and Mr. Piper became editor and publisher. By 1889 circulation had doubled under his editorship. A cylinder press replaced the old hand press, and supplementary machines as well as extra fonts of job types were purchased. In 1887, the town had acquired water and a 7 HP motor replaced the hot air engine previously used. This new motor used water power. In 1889, Piper dies and his widow continued manning the operation under Calneck as editor. 1892: Calneck dies and Richard McCormick took over.
Remarks Source: Coward, Elizabeth Ruggles, A History of Bridgetown, Kentville, 1955. Tratt, Gertrude E.N., Tratt's List of Nova Scotia Newspapers, Halifax, 1979.