The Lawrencetown Butter & Cheese Co.

Lawrencetown, Annapolis, NS, Canada
Business Category: Preparation of Milk and Milk Products
Products: Cheese, butter.
Dates Founded: after 1800
Remarks: In early 1900s cheese was made by a Mr. Hawksworth; the buttermaker was Bill A. Crosbey. Mr. Clark took over butter making. He continued until 1933. Mr. Hawksworth retired in 1916, and cheese production ceased. A.W. Clark took over as manager. Full management if the plant was conducted by Fred W. Bishop (President) of Paradise when Hawksworth died. Vice President: Edgar C. Shaffner Secretary & Treasurer: J. B. Jefferson There were four directors: Mr. Arthur Phinney, Mr. Allen Morse, Mr. Mors (?) Balcon, and Mr. Stanley Hall. 1916: 60,000 - 70,000 lbs of butter was made. Produce was send to Halifax and Acadia University in Wolfville. Butter was sold in 2 lb packs called flats. These cost 45-60 cents. In 1923 the factory was sold to J.D. McKenzie and the building was then torn down.
Remarks Source: A History of Lawrencetown, Grade XII Class, Lawrencetown Consolidated School, Creative Printing, Middleton, 1977. Marshall, Furber, Middleton, 75th Anniversary Committee, Middleton, 1984.