Gehue's Granite Works

Lawrencetown, Annapolis, NS, Canada
Business Category: Stone Mining, Brickwork Masonry and Stonework
Products: Grey granite gravestones and monuments.
Dates Founded: circa 1958
Remarks: Established by Boyd Gehue in 1963. Business was sold to Clyde Gehue because of Boyd's poor health. Grey granite from Nictaux (?) quarry was used for the manufacture of gravestones and monuments. Lack of experienced help led to the demise of the company. Procedure: A) A surface molded the granite into the required shape. B) It was then polished. C) The letters and designes were cut into the stone, partly by hand and partly by machine. Lettering methods: A) A rubber coating was placed over the surface of the monument. B) Large letters were done by stencil; smaller letters were freehand. C) Lettering was then sand blasted (very fine sand was blown into the area under tremendous pressure where the rubber coating had been removed, thus cutting the specific letters into the stone. D) The remainder of the rubber coating was removed and the base was made. Up to 66 men were employed.
Remarks Source: 1. A History of Lawrencetown, Grade XII Class, Lawrencetown Consolidated School, Creative Printing, Middleton, 1977.
2. Directory of Manufacturers, Nova Scotia, 1958.