Aylesford Peat Factory

Aylesford, Kings, NS, Canada
Business Category: Horticulture
Brands: Annapolis Valley Peat Moss Co - 1950's
Products: peats, fertilizer
Dates Founded: 1908
Remarks: In 1908, Fred Blackburn and Donal Cockrane (See Aylesford Brassworks)claims that peat in this bog is equivilent to the finest Irish Peat. Mr. Henry Endre is president in the 80's. During the summer months (5 mon),739 cu yds. Of peat are havested / day. This is equal to 288,811 tons of peat in the 4 fc Bake. The processed or manufactured value is equal to $1,600,866. (1983) Fire in 1970 distroyed 100, 000 bags of peat. This was in the storage plant acquired in 1967, the old Aylesford Canning Factory.
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