Aylesford Block & Brick Co.

Aylesford, Kings, NS, Canada
Business Category: Brickworks, Ceramics
Products: Cement & Brick Blocks -bricks, tiles, pipes, pottery, earthenware, china, terra cotta, stone & cement blocks
Dates Founded: 1922
Remarks: Operated by Arch Groves & Melvin (Hal). Business is operated by Arch's son George, eventually it is sold to Fred Walker and Carl Smith. Mr. Walker buys out Mr. Smith and the factory is moved to Auburn. In 1967, Fred Walker sold the business to Williem Day who ran it for 7 years under Walker's management. 1000 cement blocks per day were produced. In 1974, Day sold out to Mr. Coakley.

Alba Fawn - pres Clarence Elliot - Secretary
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