Sydney Steel Corporation

Remarks: SYSCO bought the steel-making operations from the Hawker-Siddeley Group in 1967, inheriting an outdated steel plant in Sydney, coal mines across Cape Breton and in Pictou, and steelworks in Trenton. Always in financial difficulty, SYSCO sold the wire and nails mills to Sivaco Wire & Nail Co. in 1971 and the coke ovens were sold to the Cape Breton Development Corporation, which were closed in 1988. As of 2001, assetts were still being sold and SYSCO was involved in environmental projects on former sites.
Remarks Source: 1. Crawley, Ron. "Class Conflict and the Establishment of the Sydney Steel Industry: 1899-1904" The Island: 1713-1900. Acadiensis Press. 1990. 2. SYSCO website: