Canadian Canners Ltd.

Business Category: Canning and Packaging
Remarks: Canadian Canners Ltd. Was a consolidation of small canneries which was first established in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1903. Middleton became their first east coast branch. The company consisted of 6 wood frame, metal encased structures which cost $100,000 in 1934. The water used for the cannery came from a 60 foot above ground 10,000 gallon water tank, filled by an artesian well at 15 gallons per minute. The first manager was B.R. Bartow (Ontario). The temporary assistant was Neil Cahill (Quebec). The bookkeeper was Sheila Rorham Holm. Fred Grahame, formerly of Scotian Gold, suceeded Mr. Bartow as manager (1934-1935). In 1935, 1000 barrels of produce were canned. In 1950s, Del Monte Co, bought out Canadian Canners and Middleton plant closed down.
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