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Randall House - Wolfville Historical Society


Accession number: 2021.7.1
Date: 1915
Materials: Paper, Ink
Measurements: 24.6 cm L x 16.9 cm WThis is of the brown envelop
Measurements: 24.6 cm L x 16.9 cm W x 23 cm L x 16.3 cm WThis is of the white matte
Scope & Content: This is a graduation photo for Sue J. Baxter from Acadia University in 1915. Sue used to live with her sister in the Hayward House that is now on campus. The donor reported that in the winter the women would go on the balcony and walk back and forth in order to get their exercise during the colder months.
Description: A sepia toned photograph of a young woman. The woman is standing and is wearing a white dress with a dark colored robe. The robe appears to have a hood and features on both the left and right shoulder. Her hair is styled in an up-do and she is wearing a pair of pince-nez (a pair of eyeglasses with a nose clip instead of earpieces). Her right arm is resting on an undistinguishable object. The background of the photograph shows columns and a plant. The photograph is set in a white, decorative matte. Near the bottom of the matte in cursive writing it reads "Graham Wolfville". The photograph is situated in a brown envelop that unfolds from the right and left to reveal the photograph inside. The right fold, which is smaller than the left, unfolds first. The right fold is marked with a Coat of Arms and the words "Acadia - 1915". In the upper left hand corner of the left flat in cursive black ink it reads "Sincerely, Sue J. Baxter '15". The back of the envelop is plain.