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Accession number: 2021.2.7
Date: October 15 1958
Materials: Paper; ink
Measurements: 9cm L x 15.5cm W
Scope & Content: A receipt from the Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company for a paid phone bill from L.G. Pearman's account.
Description: From top to bottom; a small off-white colored, rectangular shaped piece of paper with the very first line, bolded and centered at the top, saying, "MARITIME TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CO., LTD.". In the top left corner of the paper, just underneath to the left of the first centered line is the Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company's logo - which is a sail boat with shore in the background, crested in a circle with the company's name written in the border. To the right of the logo, centered underneath the top line is a text box. Within the text box says, "THIS ACCOUNT IS NOW DUE, payment may be made at any business office or collection agency of the company.". To the right of the text box is the date, which says, "OCT. 15, 1958" - the five and the eight have a line going through them. Overlapping the bottom right corner of the text box and hugging the border of the logo - taking up a large section of the paper - is a red stamp. The stamp says, "Maratime Tel. & Tel. Co. LTD., PAID., NOV 4 1958, Wolfville, N. S.". Within the stamp in blue pen ink, near the bottom of the circle is a signature. Directly in the middle of the piece of paper are three lines of type writer ink that says, "L.G. Pearman, 5 King St., Wolfville, N.S.". The bottom half of the page is designated for possible expenses one's account might have accrued in a month. On the left hand side of the lower half of the piece of paper is a list of possible expense going vertically down the paper almost to the bottom. At the end of each possible expense are dotted lines going from left to right across the page until each one touches a large square text box in the lower right corner of the page. In the text box centered at the top is the dollar amount is $3.85. At the bottom of the chart where it says Total amount due, the dollar amount is $3.85. There is an asterisk above the dollar amount.