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Antigonish Heritage Museum


Accession number: 2017.013.047
Category: Edged weapon
Object type: War;Scottish
Date: 18th century
Materials: Metal, Steel
Subject: Military, War
Narrative: This sword was from the Brown family at West Lochaber, Antigonish County who immigrated from Scotland in the early 1800's.  Family tradition 
Description: Truncated blade with plain wood grip; pommel cone; It features a long blade which has been broken at the end. The blade itself, while broken, is of the backsword creation thus one edge of the sword is thickened and the other edge sharpened. Nearest to the dull edge of the blade, there are two fullers which run down the length of the blade. The first fuller is the thickest and deepest, running the full length of the blade from the basket-hilt (quillon) to the end of the blade. The second fuller is not as deep or as thick and does not run the full length of the blade from the basket-hilt (quillon). The sword also boasts a wooden hilt and a metal pommel in a mounted shape. The pommel itself possesses four rounded, engraved lines which form a diamond pattern in the center of the pommel. The basket guard features intricate metal work with cutout patterns primarily in the shape of arrows and tiny circles. The basket guard's details are symmetrical on both sides. A small portion of the interior felt clings to the edge of the wooden hilt and allows the observer the knowledge that it was red. 
History of Use: Weapon