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Colchester Historeum


Accession number: 77.451
Object subtype: Windsor
Date: 1760 – 1962
Narrative: This Windsor arm chair was brought from Ireland to Onslow in 1760, by James McCurdy. It had been in storage for several years prior to the Colchester Historical museum, and was given to the Colchester Historical Society on July 26, 1962.
Description: The chair seat is flat and round, with concave bends on the left and right sides. Chair arms are vase-turned and extend from the seat at approximately a 70-degree angle. The arms themselves are scroll shaped, supported by two rungs that taper at the top and bottom, and the arms connect to the frame of the chair back. The chair back is a rounded frame supported by six (originally seven) straight thin rungs extending from the back of the chair seat, as well as two other rungs creating a ‘V’ shape, extending from a tear-dropped shaped addition to the back of the chair seat. The chair legs are vase-turned and extending outwards from the seat at an angle. The right front leg is connected to the right back leg via a vase-turned rung, and the left front leg is connected to the left back leg by an identical rung. These two rungs are connected at the middle by a similar vase-turned rung forming an ‘H’ shape. The entire chair is finished in matte black.