Gauge, Tire Pressure
Gauge, Tire Pressure
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Gauge, Tire Pressure

Accession number: 07.28.2
Date: January 17 1933 – January 17 1952
Materials: Metal
Measurements: 22 cm L x 3 cm W x 2 cm Diameter
Signature: signature appears on US patent documents
Marks/Label: Two arrows pointing toward each other with a diamond in between. Then: Service Tire Gauge. Another two arrows pointing toward each other with the diamond then REG. US. PAT. OFF. and Manufactured by A. Schroder's Son DIVISION OF SCOVILL MFG. CO. INC. BROOKLYN, NY, USA. PAT. NOS. 1,716,399-1,894,648 1,866140 - 1,894,648
Patent: 1716399,1742740,1866140,1894648
Narrative: Belonged to the donor's father Herbert Winter in 1939 when the family lived in Winnipeg. One of the donor's earliest memories was an old Hudson car from the 1920s which sat in the garage of his grandmother's house for years after his grandfather's death. She lived in a large 3 story house in Winnipeg but the tire gauge is later. More information on founder of the gauge company on file.
Description: Brass cylindrical tire gauge with 5 basic parts- one end has an indentation to fit over the tire valve, a curved neck, connecting nut, main cylinder and a silver flat marked gauge which moves in and out to measure the air pressure. Full patent description on file.
Manufacturer: A. Schrader's Son