Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation

Springhill, Cumberland, NS, Canada
Business Category: Manufacture of Metal Goods
Additional Information: also Sydney, Halifax
Products: coal, iron ore, brick and tile, clay products, cement products, silica, wrought iron products, balustrades, steel and concrete reinforced bars, billets, blooms, slabs, benzol, dredge and coal buckets, cross-arms and braces, eye bolts, wire and steel fencing, forgings, wire and steel gates, wrought iron gates, pig iron, mine steel, steel plates, iron and steel railings, steel rails, rivets, steel rods, rolling mill products, slag; railway, bridge and ship spikes, steel ingots and plates, structural steel, drawn and annealed wire, ingots, wire products, ship (building and repairs), railway freight cars, bridges, towers, steel structures
Dates Founded: 1911
Remarks: In 1911 Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation purchased the Cumberland Railway and Coal Company properties and soon ended a 23 month strike at the Springhill mines. They promised to improve and increase the operations. There were several small strikes during the 1920's but more peacful relationships during the 1930's. In 1938 there was a change in management with E.B.Paul appointed as the first superintendent of mines. A new wash-house was built. In 1930, DOSCO acquired British Emprire Steel Corp. (an amalgamation of Dominion Iron & Steel and Nova Scotia Steel & Coal). From 1945 to the early 1950's saw the peak of mining activities in Springhill with very stable markets. There was a strike in 1947 for increased wadges. In 1952 William F. Campbell was appointed mine superintendent. In 1956 there were more strikes and the disaster of Nov. 1, which killed 24 miners. The bump of October 23,1958, killed 75 more men. Dominion Steel & Coal Corp. (DOSCO) was bought by the Hawker-Siddeley Group in 1957. Dominion Steel gave up the leases on Nov. 12, 1958. The Cumberland Railway and Coal Company ceased to exist on Dec. 31, 1958.
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