The Monitor

Bridgetown, Annapolis, NS, Canada
Business Category: Publishing
Products: Newspaper
Dates Founded: circa 1916
Remarks: The only Bridgetown publication still surviving which is in the direct line of descent from The Western News, the county's first paper. This is through W.A. Calneck's connection as editor. The Gidneys published and edited the Weekly Register and The Free Press quickly followed in 1863. There was an anti-Confederation tone to these papers. The Free Press plant was purchased by John E. Sancton with M.K. Piper serving as apprentice and junior partner. In 1916, the Weekly Monitor was issued. Politically independent, this paper served local interests. In 1909, The Western Annapolis Sentinel was incorporated to form the Monitor and Western Annapolis Sentinel. This was 8 pages long. 1913: Monitor Publishing Co, buys the publication. 1918: Frank H. Beattie takes over and the title is changed to the Monitor once more. 1928: Circulation of 2065. The Bridgetown Monitor is presently (1990s) published through Mailman Publications, a division of Cameron Publications.
Remarks Source: Coward, Elizabeth Ruggles, A History of Bridgetown, Kentville, 1955. Tratt, Gertrude E.N., Tratt's List of Nova Scotia Newspapers, 1979. Places Names and Places of Nova Scotia, PANS, 1967.